Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Enhancing Exercise with Music

Having a good health is important for a person in order for him to live a happy and productive life. Eating a balance diet, having a positive mental outlook, adequate rest and sleep, recreations and moderate exercise will enable him to get the level of energy that is needed to reach his goals and aspirations in life.

Exercise increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol. On the other hand it decreases the amount of triglyceride which is unhealthy if there is too much of it in the body. Keeping the balance of good and bad cholesterol to their ideal level in the body will help prevent the buildup of fat deposition in the walls of arteries and brings about smooth flow of blood in the veins. That situation benefits the heart. An unimpeded blood circulation to the blood vessels also means a normal sex life because an abnormality adversely affects blood circulation through the veins of the reproductive organs which is a cause of such condition as erectile dysfunction.                       

Regular exercise or workout stimulates brain chemicals that reduce stress. A physically active person can therefore handle mental stress or depression better than a sedentary one. In addition a person who exercises burn more calories and reduce the risk of being overweight or obese. Obesity complicates health issues and may contribute to such illness as diabetes, heart and other diseases.                                                                                                                                    

Like all other things exercise should be done in moderation. Excessive exercise beyond one’s capability will do more harm than good for the body. As one gets older he should adapt an exercise regimen that is appropriate to his age. A man or a woman in his or her 40’s, 50’s or over has a different level of strength and endurance from a person who is in his 20’s or 30’s. For a beginner the progression of his exercise should be gradual. And he should bring it to a higher level when his body could already adapt to a more strenuous level of physical activity.  A short regular daily exercise like 30 minutes of walking or jogging is better than an abrupt and strenuous exercise that is done haphazardly. The latter situation puts more strain beyond the capacity of the body to handle. As a result a person will fell pain in his muscles and joints and in some cases he may even suffer an injury. It should be advisable to consult a doctor first if one is planning to include workouts or exercise as part of his regular daily activities.

What keeps everybody from exercising is the thought that exercise is a tiresome and boring activity. However, there is a way to deal with that problem. It is listening to music while exercising. Putting on one’s head or on his ear sports MP3 player headphones will do the work. Modern MP3 headphones are loaded with features such as being sweat proof, cord free and yes water proof. Some of these sports headphones can even be used while doing water sports like swimming.

Another advantage of listening to music while exercising is that one saves time doing these activities all at once. It takes much time to have a separate schedule of listening to music and of exercising. Merging these activities is beneficial to those persons who are busy or have tight work schedule for the rest of the day.

Music can influence one’s moods. The message that it sends to the brain can make a person react in certain ways. Hearing songs can make him feel happy, sad and lonely. The song can even prod him to do an action. For example, he feels the urge to dance to the beat of the song that he hears. Music or song is therefore a stimulator during an exercise. It can make a person more enthusiastic as he goes along with his exercise.                                                                                                                             

A person can do his exercise outdoors or at the comfort of his home or a gym. When doing it outdoors one should always remember that security and safety are of utmost importance. He may be oblivious to the dangers that are in his immediate surroundings when he has MP3 player headphones on his head and listening to music. Passing vehicles might be a threat to his safety. It is not a good idea to have MP3 player headphones on in physical activity that requires alertness and quick reflexes on the road such as cycling. In that situation a music is a hazardous distraction.  

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