Friday, August 24, 2012

"Honey", a Song Reminiscing Shared Moments with a Departed Loved One

In the song “Honey” the author tells on how a tree reminded him of his beloved “Honey”. She planted it despite his objection when it was just a twig. Now that it is big it reminded him of the happy and sad times he had with her. Although He loved her and was generous to her, there were times that he was uncaring and indifferent to her.

The lines “One day while I was not at home, while she was there and all alone the angel came” implies that Honey passed away while he was not there for her. That it happened when she was alone could mean that she took her own life.

The rest of the lines of the song tell on how he feels sad of her loss, and how he sorely missed her. The author’s narration aptly describes the feeling of a man reminiscing the times he had with a departed wife or a woman that he loved.  It makes my eyes misty hearing the song.

“Honey” is a song popularized by an American songwriter, singer and guitarist Bobby Goldsboro in 1968. It was composed by Bobby Russel and first performed by Bob Shane of the Kingston Trio. Bobby Goldsboro’s rendition of it made it as number 1 in the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart in 1968. It has become Bobby Goldsboro’s signature song.   

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