Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Internet Dating Sites: Modern Tools to Find Romantic Love

In this day and age, the internet has greatly affected the way people live their lives. The internet has revolutionized the way people exchange communication, transact business and carry out other fields of endeavors. A person can communicate with another in real time, watch movie, listen to music, shop and sell goods online and do other things. He or she can also seek a relationship with another person through the use of laptop or desk top.

 Some of the most popular dating sites are, My Single Friend, E-harmony, Friend finder and Zoosk. Some dating sites offer subscription for free while others require payment for the opening of an account. Just like social networks such as Facebook and others, subscriber to dating sites are required to post their profile. Significant data that should be entered are names, gender, age, occupation, other information and picture.

With her or his profile on a dating site, a subscriber is a game to those people who are also seeking relationship from the internet. A message or a view of a profile can pave a way for more interactions between two parties with exchange of communication not limited to the site. They could also communicate through the text, telephone, video chat or other means which may lead to physical meeting and then to a romantic relationship. Marriage is the ultimate result of interactions and contact between members.                                                                                                            

Dating sites vary according to the services they provide to their subscribers. There are sites that are geared towards helping a subscriber find a spouse. Others cater to the need of those who seek for a short term (usually sexual) relationship. And there are still others which cater to the need of gay, lesbian or homosexual subscribers.                                                                      

A subscriber has a wide range of area to search for a potential partner. The area of his coverage is the globe, and he can search either locally or abroad. Relative to it, some western men have found Asian women to be their partner or spouse. Asian men on the other hand are more comfortable seeking relationship with local rather than foreign women.

There are however pitfalls in subscribing to a dating site. Generally, subscribers are not subjected to a background check before they are admitted membership. Some of them might have criminal records. Others might be spammers, identity thieves, sexual predators or into prostitution. Dating site members should be wary of these persons to avoid being victimized by them.

Joining a dating site is one’s personal choice. To put it bluntly, people who go there are looking romantic relationship. And those who do are presumed to be at the legal age and are supposed to know what they are getting themselves into. A romantic love is a personal matter between two persons which, especially in the west, can be either a heterosexual or homosexual relationship.                                                                                         

People should bear in mind that if they seek a romantic relationship through the internet, their act should not violate prior personal commitment that they had made with other people. It should not also break up what is a good and harmonious relationship with a partner especially the spouse. The internet should be used for one’s good. It should not be used as a tool to promote one's promiscuity or immoral conduct. By and large, an internet dating site can be an instrument to find one’s true love and happiness.